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  • Trip feedback? Wes and Dawna Take California!
  • Fri, 19 May 2017 01:01:01 GMT
  • Taking my husband on a long-awaited road trip down Highway 101 from Seattle.. Need suggestions to make this crazy memorable for him.. ... [Posted by DawnaJohnson - May 18, 17:01]
  • September-October Cross-Country
  • Sun, 07 May 2017 06:42:16 GMT
  • Hello, I had posted some months ago about a solo cross-country trip I am planning. I am 42-year-old male. The trip is much more defined now and I would like to give the specs and get any feedback. Dates of trip: Depart 8/29/17 and return approx. 10/17/17 Route: SF East Bay (California) – Oregon – Idaho – Montana – Dakotas – Nebraska – Iowa – Wisconsin – Illinois – Indiana – Ohio – Kentucky – Tennessee – Mississippi – New Orleans – ... [Posted by gorillabay - May 06, 22:42]
  • Need a hotel for Jazz Fest?
  • Mon, 24 Apr 2017 19:22:45 GMT
  • Does anyone need a hotel for Jazz Fest? I made a reservation at the Royal Sonesta French Quarter for Jazz Fest, but thanks to a change in plans, I'm no longer able to use it. I'm happy to transfer it to anyone that is interested. Check in is May 3rd and out on the 8th, although you might be able to modify the checkout date. $270/night plus taxes/fees. ... [Posted by brandonross - Apr 24, 11:22]
  • Southern America Farm Holidays
  • Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:09:13 GMT
  • I was recommended to create a new thread on this topic, so here we go. Normally I wouldn't want to visit the US, but i've been inspired recently. I'd like to stay at some typical Southern farm in the country, with cool nature, nice folk around and all the stuff coming along. Having a car or (which would be better) a motorbike is desired, so no travel barriers, I guess, unless I don't know about something. Basically, I assume, I ... [Posted by Hans28 - Apr 24, 05:09]